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Furnace Repair in Alamo, CA

Stewart Heating and Air has been offering Alamo furnace repair services to California homeowners since 1974. We live by the standard that business is done right by truly serving others. We take this purpose and combine it with many years of technical expertise. The result? A local Alamo HVAC contractor you can count on for cutting edge, reliable and highly efficient furnaces and air conditioning systems.

Alamo Heating Repair

If you need furnace repair in Alamo, CA, you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians have the in-depth knowledge of heating systems that comes from extensive experience over many years of residential and commercial HVAC work. This means you benefit with speedy and accurate analysis of problems, instead of trial and error that wastes time and money.

Hybrid Heat for cost savings

HVAC comprises a large amount of your household’s energy bill. Old systems should be replaced with new, high efficiency unit. Another way that California homeowners are cutting down on their energy bill is with a hybrid heat setup. Normal residential HVAC installations consist of an air conditioner outside, and everything else inside including the furnace, evaporator coil, and indoor air quality products such as air cleaners and humidifiers. In a hybrid heat scenario, the air conditioner is replaced with a heat pump. A heat pump is all electric just like an air conditioner, and cools in the Summer like one, but in the Winter months, it can provide heat as well. Depending on fuel costs, a heat pump can be cheaper to run at mild temperatures. When the temperature drops, normal gas heating kicks in as that is more efficient to run at colder temperatures.

For a local Alamo HVAC contractor you can rely on, you should look no further. We offer total indoor comfort solutions for our Alameda and Alamo customers that are unmatched in quality product and installation. Call us today at (925) 203-9141.

HVAC System Maintenance

Everyone knows what happens to a car not taken in for routine service: fuel efficiency suffers, and damage is being done that will end up in pricey repairs later on. Your air conditioning and heating system isn’t that much different. Monthly service isn’t required, but seasonal tune-ups are critical to make sure your system is clean and ready for efficient operation. Scheduled maintenance also extends the life of your system. Stewart Heating and Air offers cost effective scheduled maintenance plans to help you save money on energy bills, and avoid expensive break downs. Visit our Furnace Maintenance request page to schedule or call us at (925) 203-9141 today!


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