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Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Walnut Creek, CA

Since 1974, Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Walnut Creek, CA. We provide heating, air conditioning, home energy audits & plumbing services. We believe business is done right by truly serving our customers, and we prove this every day on each customer job. You will be hard pressed to find another HVAC & plumbing company in Walnut Creek, CA that maintains the high customer satisfaction ratings that we do. You can count on us as your local Walnut Creek HVAC contractor for cutting edge, reliable and highly efficient HVAC solutions ranging from scheduled maintenance to complicated repairs to a HVAC & plumbing installation.

Air Conditioning

Whether you need a new AC installation, repairing an old air conditioner, or just tuning up your current air conditioning system are all ways you can ensure that your system runs all summer long. Stewart’s offers all of the air conditioning services in Walnut Creek, CA you need to keep your home cool. We employ the very best air conditioning technicians in Walnut Creek, CA to make sure you receive the very best HVAC services. Call us today to learn about all of our cooling services. We want to ensure that you are cool and comfortable all summer long.

Air Conditioning Repair

There are many companies offering air conditioning units, AC repair and services, it can be hard to decide which company to choose to meet your needs. When you choose Stewart Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning for air conditioner repair in Walnut Creek your getting, an air conditioning company with a strong reputation for our quality products and services. Our employees are experienced professionals who are skilled, courteous and friendly. Whether you need an air conditioning installation or Air conditioning repair, Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning can provide all of the services and more. We’re the air conditioning company that provides our customers with every AC service you will ever need.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

When it comes to air conditioning, one size does not fit all. It’s important you find the perfect AC to match. Our home comfort specialists will size up your home in Walnut Creek and determine what system will be the perfect fit for you and our climate. Our air conditioning installation & replacement experts will design a system that meets all of your home comfort needs.

We offer a wide range of products, whether it’s central AC or a ductless mini-split system, our comfort specialists will make sure system is right for you. Our qualified home comfort experts will walk you through the AC installation process and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to working with you and can’t wait to hear how happy you are with your new air conditioning system.

HVAC Installation

As your local Walnut Creek HVAC Contractor, we offer industry best installation services for reliable and efficient comfort control. We are a NATE certified contractor, which is a certification only earned by best of breed contractors with proven expertise in the field. Many things go into the proper installation of a new system. Without the proper design and installation, a system cannot run as efficiently as designed, and can even cost hundreds of extra dollars to run each year.

Heat Pump Service in Walnut Creek, CA

A heat pump is one of the most efficient methods of heating and cooling in Walnut Creek. A heat pump cools in the summer and heats in the winter with low operating costs. If you need a heat pump repair or replacement, give us a call.

Heat Pump Repair

When your heat pump stops working, call Stewart Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We provide the best heat pump repair in Walnut Creek, CA. Even small performance issues can indicate that your heat pump is having trouble working efficiently. All of these issues can be addressed by our expert HVAC technicians. We repair all makes & models of heat pumps.

Heat Pump Installation

Efficiently and comfortably heat & cool your home all year long with a heat pump system. Whether you want the highest efficiency or most economical system, we have a solution that will work for you. Get an estimate for heat pump installation in Walnut Creek.

Heating Services

Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning offers a full range of heating services in Walnut Creek for year-round comfort. Our expert technicians specialize in prompt repairs, thorough maintenance, and precision installations. Whether it’s repairing, maintaining, or installing heating systems, trust us for quality service, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

Furnace Installation in Walnut Creek

Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for superior furnace installation in Walnut Creek. Our skilled technicians specialize in the precise and efficient installation of gas furnaces, ensuring your home stays comfortably warm during colder seasons. Committed to both efficiency and reliability, our seamless installations prioritize your comfort.  Choose Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning for expert furnace installation in Walnut Creek and experience the warmth and comfort your home deserves.

Expert Furnace Replacement

When it’s time for an upgrade, our skilled technicians specialize in furnace replacement in Walnut Creek. Stay ahead in energy efficiency and cost savings by installing a new unit tailored to your needs. Our full-service heating technicians are well-versed in handling the entire replacement process, ensuring a smooth transition to a more efficient heating system. Trust us for expert guidance and reliable furnace replacement services that enhance the performance and longevity of your heating equipment.

Furnace Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

If you need furnace repair in Walnut Creek, our experienced technicians will quickly analyze and diagnose the problem. Our in-depth and extensive experience in the HVAC field means we know how to quickly find the real problem with your system. This saves you the extra time and expense associated with lack of experience and poor troubleshooting. Once the problem is determined, we will give you our recommendations on the best action to take for your specific situation.

Plumbing Service in Walnut Creek, CA

Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning is a local and experienced plumber in Walnut Creek, CA. Home plumbing problems can be frustrating. When you call Stewart’s, you get an experienced plumber that can quickly find the problem and get it resolved. We are experienced in plumbing repairs, maintenance services, replacement services, remodeling services and new installation services.

For a Walnut Creek plumber & HVAC contractor you can trust, call (925) 203-9141. We will show you what true customer service is really like.

Home Energy Audit in Walnut Creek, CA

Stewart Heating & Air Conditioning home energy audits are done with diagnostic tools like infrared imaging and blower door testing that assist in diagnosing energy and comfort concerns. We will provide guidance on home energy costs and fluctuations as well as recommended improvements so you can take corrective action.

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I bought a new air conditioner last year and had the service contract under the warranty. The technician came out to service it, checked my air ducts to be sure air was getting efficiently through each duct, etc. He was friendly, knowledgeable and completed the service in a professional and timely manner.
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