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Hey, I'm freezing in here. Is the furnace even working?

Oh, wow. Here we go again. On the first cool day last winter, we received WAY too many calls from homeowners having problems just like this one. Interestingly, is the furnace even working

This common scene is also totally avoidable. They could’ve just called BEFORE the cold weather set in. That’s why I’m glad you’re reading this now.

You see, we’re off to a warmer than usual start to the season. Because of that, things are a little bit slower, so we’re reaching out to our friends and neighbors with a very nice discount on a new heating system or services. Now, before you say, “My old furnace is fine!” check this out:

  1. Free Heating Comfort and Energy Analysis – Let us come check out your heating system before the cold weather. We can determine its age, energy consumption and any likely repairs. If it looks like you’d be “throwing good money after bad,” we’ll let you know before we do any work at all. You’ve spent nothing, but are already ahead!
  2. IF – and you see I put that in big letters – IF it makes sense to replace, we’ll show you the precise savings right off the top, PLUS how much we calculate could save you each winter. You’re now even farther ahead, and still haven’t spent a dime.
  3. You’ll be shown a Warranty that drives our competitors a little crazy. You can get a complete 5-year parts AND labor warranty on your new system. This means you can’t spend anything to repair your system for 5 solid years. But here’s the best part –
  4. You can get your new system, PLUS the discount, PLUS the energy savings, PLUS the warranty at a financing rate so low that all your savings could be MORE than your payments during the first year. Think about that: A home improvement that could PAY YOU for doing.

Remember, as the weather gets colder, it is so busy that there will be NO REASON to discount or extend this offer.

A Little Secret You Should Know:

We make more on repairs than on new systems. Most all service companies do. So, if I were only “out for the money,” it’d be smarter to patch your old system a few times, THEN sell you a new one. Yet, I wanted to let you in on a real savings offer that can help you now, and help us stay busy during a brief slowdown.

Look, the call is free. The Analysis is free. The full disclosure of your savings and warranty is free. You get all that for calling a little early, being just a little wiser and faster than those who wait until it’s too late.

Call us at 925-203-9141 or schedule an appointment now, so YOU’LL be ready (and toasty warm) when colder days start sneaking up on us.