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HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment needs maintenance to run reliably, and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance can end up costing you much more than the maintenance itself. We provide maintenance for any make and model of HVAC equipment, for both residential and commercial customers.

Residential HVAC in Contra Costa County

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Maintenance Agreement With Us

Less breakdowns.

90% of all equipment breakdowns have been attributed to lack of maintenance.

15% immediate discount savings.

Maintenance can actually pay for the first several months of the membership cost.

Equipment serviced on an annual basis.

Factory recommendations are to have the equipment serviced at least once per year.

Will not void factory warranty.

Just like a car, if the equipment is serviced annually, factory warranty will remain valid.

Automatic Reminder.

No need to worry when the next appointment is due, we contact the customer when it is time to have the equipment serviced.


If the air conditioner breaks down, it could be a comfort issue; but if the furnace breaks downs it could become a safety factor.


We currently have over 1000 clients that are on our maintenance program.

Priority Treatment.

No matter how busy we are, you will have a 48-hour response time.

Lessen pollutants in the home.

The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends having "central air handling systems, including furnaces, flues, and chimney inspected annually & promptly repair crack or rigger parts" to lessen the pollutants in the home.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Absolute 100% satisfaction guaranteed on our Service Agreements.

When we replace a part.

Lifetime Warranty for labor and parts replaced by us while you own a Service Agreement with our company.

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Stewart Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning isn’t your average HVAC contractor. In addition to all of the normal HVAC related tasks like repair and new installations, we offer HVAC maintenance agreement to help keep your system running efficiently.