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Solar Energy Contra Costa County

Stewart’s is a solar energy installation contractor who helps both commercial and residential customers take advantage of the renewable energy generated each day by our California sunshine. Photo-voltaic panels can be used to supply power to your home, heat water, swimming pools and much more.

Solar electricity, once described as the energy of the future, is here today as an affordable, reliable and sensible choice for both residential and commercial consumers. Grid-connected systems allow both residential and commercial customers to reduce utility bills and enhance the quality of the environment. New technologies have made solar power a practical and attractive alternative to ever-increasing electric bills and the potential for rolling black outs. In addition, state and federal rebate programs make solar an affordable choice.


Energy prices will continue to go up.

Generating your own electricity is your best insurance against the price volatility of electrical energy.

Energy produced by conventional means creates pollution.

There are no by-products from generating electricity with photovoltaics.

A 5kW PV system eliminates 11,323 pounds of CO2 emissions.

From the air in the first year alone.

Solar will increase the value of your home or business.

A solar electric system will increase the value of your home or business by the pre-rebate amount of the system, with no increase to your property taxes.

Solar is Silent.

Energy produced by conventional means creates noise. PV systems are completely silent.

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