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Furnace Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning has proudly served Walnut Creek since 1974, setting the standard for exceptional furnace repair services. Our commitment to a life well-lived through service, combined with extensive heating and air conditioning expertise, makes us the preferred local HVAC contractor. Rely on us for cutting-edge, efficient, and reliable furnace and air conditioning solutions.

Expert Furnace & AC Maintenance Services

Keep your HVAC systems running smoothly with Stewart Heating and Air’s comprehensive maintenance services. Similar to regular car service, seasonal tune-ups are crucial for optimal performance and extended lifespan. Take advantage of our cost-effective scheduled maintenance plans to save on energy bills and prevent costly breakdowns. Visit our Furnace Maintenance request page for more details.

Specialized Walnut Creek Heating Repair

For tailored heating repair in Walnut Creek, trust our experienced technicians with a wealth of knowledge in residential and commercial HVAC work. Benefit from our problem-solving abilities that save you time and money. Skip unnecessary delays and prolonged analyses—contact Stewart for Walnut Creek Furnace Repair online.

Trusted Local Walnut Creek Contractor for Total Comfort Solutions

Look no further for a reliable Walnut Creek Contractor. Stewart Heating and Air offers total indoor comfort solutions for Contra Costa County and Alameda County customers. Our services include indoor air quality, advanced thermostats, air conditioning, zoning, and more. Contact us today for all your HVAC needs.

Professional Furnace Installation Services in Walnut Creek, CA

At Stewart Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing professional furnace installation in Walnut Creek, CA. If your furnace cannot be repaired, we offer top-of-the-line Bryant furnaces to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable, even on the chilliest days.

Stewart Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing furnace repair in Walnut Creek since 1974. We don’t just believe, but live by the standard that life is done right when we are serving others. We take that guide and combine it with years of heating and air conditioning technical expertise. The result? A local HVAC contractor that you can count on for leading edge, efficient and reliable furnaces and air conditioning solutions.

Furnace & AC Maintenance

Everyone knows what will happen to their automobile if they neglect to take it in for service for an entire year…the car will still run, but gas mileage is suffering, and damage is being done that will end up in costly repairs later on. Your air conditioning and heating system isn’t that much different. They don’t need monthly oil changes, but seasonal tune-ups are critical for efficient operation, and to extend the life of your system. Stewart Heating and Air offers cost effective scheduled maintenance plans to help you save money on energy bills, and avoid expensive break downs. Visit our Furnace Maintenance request page to schedule or call us at (925) 203-9141 today!

Walnut Creek Heating

If you are in need of heating repair, you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians don’t offer cookie cutter answers and solutions four our Walnut Creek customers. Our extensive experience over many years of both residential and commercial HVAC work, gives us insight and problem solving abilities that ends up saving you money and time. Don’t suffer length, unneeded analysis and furnace repair work. Call Stewart at (925) 203-9141 or schedule online: Walnut Creek Furnace Repair.

Hybrid Heat for cost savings

An indoor comfort system eats up around half of a normal household’s utility bill – sometimes more. A way that some California homeowners are cutting down on their energy bill is with a hybrid heat setup. Normal residential HVAC installations consist of an air conditioner outside, and everything else inside including the furnace, evaporator coil, and indoor air quality products such as air cleaners and humidifiers. In a hybrid heat scenario, the air conditioner is replaced with a heat pump. A heat pump is all electric just like an air conditioner, and cools in the Summer like one, but in the Winter months, it can provide heat as well. Depending on fuel costs, a heat pump can be cheaper to run at mild temperatures. When the temperature drops, normal gas heating kicks in as that is more efficient to run at colder temperatures.

If you need a trusted local Walnut Creek Contractor, you have found the right place. We offer total indoor comfort solutions for our Contra Costa County and Alameda County customers including indoor air quality, advanced thermostats, air conditioning, zoning and more. Call us today at (925) 203-9141.


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